Iacobus Shotwell

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Iacobus Shotwell
Shotwell cum aliis delegatis Americanis anno 1919

Iacobus Shotwell (James Thomson Shotwell; 18741965) fuit rerum gestarum scriptor Americanus in Canada natus. Fuit professor Universitatis Columbianae et particeps deliberationis de pace Lutetiae anno 1919 facta.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • (cum Max Savelle) The Diplomatic History of the Canadian Boundary, 1749-1763
  • An Introduction to the History of History (1922)
  • Plans and Protocols to End War (1925)
  • War as an Instrument of National Policy (1929)
  • The Origins of the International Labor Organization (1934)
  • On the Rim of the Abyss (1936)
  • At the Paris Peace Conference (1937) Fragmentum operis Paginae selectae
  • The Great Decision (1944)
  • The Long Way to Freedom (1960).

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