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Gulielmus Forsell Kirby (Anglice: William Forsell Kirby) (natus Leicestriae die 14 Ianuarii 1844; mortuus die 20 Novembris 1912) fuit entomologus et lepidopterista Anglicus.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • Manual of European Butterflies. 1862.
  • Synonymic Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera. 1871/
  • Catalogue of the collection of diurnal Lepidoptera formed by the late Gulielmus Chapman Hewitson; and bequeathed by him to the British Museum. Londinium, Ioannes Van Voorst. iv + 246 pp.18
  • Familiar butterflies and moths. 1901.
  • Butterflies and moths of Europe (Illustrated). 1903/
  • Elementary Text-book of Entomology.
  • Hand-book to the order Lepidoptera. 1897.
  • Marvels of Ant Life. 1890.
  • A Synonymic Catalogue of Orthoptera. British Museum (Natural History), London. 3 volumes: 1904, 1906, 1910.

Contributiae?[recensere | fontem recensere]

Nexus externi[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • The Natural History Museum at South Kensington William T. Stearn ISBN 0-434-73600-7
  • A handbook to the order Lepidoptera Scanned version
  • Elementary Text-book of Entomology Scanned version
  • A manual of European butterflies, on the plan of Stainton's manual of British butterflies and moths the ill. by T. W. Wood Scanned version
  • A synonymic catalogue of diurnal lepidoptera / by W. F. Kirby Scanned version
  • A synonymic catalogue of neuroptera odonata, or dragonflies : with an appendix of fossil species Scanned version
  • A synonymic catalogue of lepidoptera heterocera (moths.). Vol. I, Sphinges and bombyces Scanned version

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