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Gualterius Henricus Flower

Gualterius Henricus Flower, eques (Anglice: Sir William Henry Flower) natus est die 30 Novembris 1831 - mortuus est die 1 Iulii 1899 fuit studiosus zoologiae, mammalogiae et anthropologiae Britannicus.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • Diagrams of the nerves of the human body. London 1861.
  • Observations of the posterior lobes of the cerebrum of the Quadrumana, with a description of the brain of a Galago. Proc Roy Soc 1860-62 xi, 376-81, 508; Phil Trans 1862 185-201.
  • On the brain of the Javan Loris (Stenops javenicus). Read 1862, publ. Zool Soc Trans 1866 103-111.
  • On the brain of the Siamang (Hylobatis syndactylis). Nat Hist Rev 1863 279-257.
  • An introduction to the osteology of the Mammalia. London 1870; 2nd ed 1876; 3rd ed with Hans Gadow 1883.
  • On the brain of the red Howling Monkey (Mycetes seniculus). Zool Soc Proc 1864 335-338.
  • Fashion in deformity. 1885.
  • The Horse: a study in natural history. 1890.
  • Introduction to the study of Mammals, living and extinct with Richard Lydekker. London 1891.
  • Essays on Museums and other subjects. London 1898. [includes appreciations of Huxley and Owen]

Notae[recensere | fontem recensere]

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