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Ancestral taxa
Ichnostem-group: Tetrapodipidida [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosuperclassis: Amniotaipidii [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnoclassis: Reptilipedia [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosubclassis: Diapsidipidii [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnoinfraclassis: Neodiapsidipedii [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnolegion: Dinosauromorphipeda [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosublegio: Dinosauriformeipedidii [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosupercohort: Dinosauropedida [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnocohors: Theropodipedia [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnosuperordo: Avetheropodipida [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnomicrordo: Coelurosauripidida [Taxonomy; edit]
Ichnogenus: Atreipus [Taxonomy; edit]
Subgroups (↻ update)
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Parent: Atreipodidae (Taxonomyedit)
Rank: ichnogenus (displays as ichnogenus)
Link: †Atreipus (links to Atreipus)
Extinct: true
Always displayed: no.
Taxonomic references:
Parent's taxonomic references: "Paleofile" 
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