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De hac formula[fontem recensere]

This template (aside from putting articles in Categoria:Viri or Categoria:Mulieres depending on information available at Vicidata) is provided for the convenience of article writers, especially when adapting articles from en.wikipedia. Bots (or humans) may substitute this template as described below (i. e. replace the template by an explicit DEFAULTSORT and birth and death categories).

Please give all three parameters when using this template. If you would rather not give all three parameters, please refrain from using this template and instead use DEFAULTSORT, birth and death categories directly.

Please avoid spaces around parameters.

Exempla[fontem recensere]

  • {{Lifetime|1907|1944|Stauffenberg, Nicolaus Schenk Comes de}}
  • {{subst:Lifetime|1907|1944|Stauffenberg, Nicolaus Schenk Comes de|subst=subst:}}
  • {{Lifetime|1969|LIVING|Lopez, Guenevera}}
  • {{subst:Lifetime|1969|LIVING|Lopez, Guenevera|subst=subst:}}
  • {{Lifetime|saeculo 6|604|Gregorius Magnus}}
  • {{subst:Lifetime|saeculo 6|604|Gregorius Magnus|subst=subst:}}