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Formula:In harenario aut alibi

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Hanc paginam, in spatio Formulae nominali, oportet Latine convertere.

This template allows to differentiate between regular Formula:... and Formula:.../harenarium pages. It is typically used to prevent a /harenarium page being categorised with their main page.

when numbered /harenarium1

Any subpage /harenariumANYTEXT is considered a /harenarium. So this includes /harenarium1, /harenarium_2.


A /doc subpage is also considered a /harenarium.

Usage[fontem recensere]

This template can be used on template documentation pages to ensure that any given template sandbox or template documentation does not populate its main template's category(ies).

This template has two unnamed parameters, |1= and |2=. Near the bottom of a /doc page where the categories are usually placed, install this template as follows:

{{Subpagina documentationis}}
<!-- all /documentation code goes here -->
<includeonly>{{in harenario aut alibi||
<!-- categories the main template should be in, but not the /harenarium: -->
[[Category:(first category)]]
[[Category:(second category)]]

  • Usage of an empty first parameter (two pipes together, ||, at the end of the first line of code above) essentially means |1=(do nothing) and will not allow the sandbox page to populate the listed categories.
  • Note that the closing template braces (}}) are placed just before the </includeonly> tag. This is the same as |2=(category comment and categories). In "long hand" it may appear as follows:
<includeonly>{{in harenario aut alibi|1=<!-- keep sandbox out of categories -->|2=
<!-- Categories go below this line; interwikis go to Wikidata -->
[[Category:(first category)]]
[[Category:(second category)]]
(more categories if needed)


TemplateData[fontem recensere]

This template allows to differentiate between regular <code><!--nostrip-->Formula:...</code><!--nostrip--> and <code><!--nostrip-->Formula:.../harenarium</code><!--nostrip--> pages.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Sandbox text1

no description

Non-sandbox text2

no description


Vide quoque[fontem recensere]

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