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This formula contains data for asteroids which have been numbered 1 through 999 by the International Astronomical Union.

Usage: {{Data Asteroidum 0000|number|parameter name}} where number is the asteroid number (with no leading zeroes) and parameter name is one of the following:

  • nomen: the name
  • designatio: the primary provisional designation
  • genus: the type of asteroid as determined by JPL
  • epocha: the epoch (YYYY-MM-DD) at which the orbital data is given
  • axis semimaior: the semimajor axis (AU) of the orbit
  • eccentricitas: the eccentricity of the orbit
  • perihelion: the perihelion (AU) of the orbit
  • aphelion: the aphelion (AU) of the orbit
  • periodus: the orbital period (y)
  • anomalia media: the mean anomaly (deg) of the orbit
  • inclinatio: the inclination (deg) of the orbit
  • omega: the longitude of the ascending node (deg) of the orbit
  • argumentum: the argument of the perihelion (deg) of the orbit
  • diametrum: the mean diameter (km)
  • periodus rotationis: the rotation period (h)
  • spectrum tholen: the Tholen spectral type
  • spectrum smass: the SMASS spectral type
  • magnitudo: the absolute magnitude
  • albedo: the albedo
  • repertum: the discovery date (YYYY MM DD)

If the numbered asteroid is not present, or the data for a numbered asteroid is not present, then the return value will be -.


{{Data Asteroidum 0000|12|nomen}} = Victoria

{{Data Asteroidum 0000|176|inclinatio}} = 22.58191

{{Data Asteroidum 0000|176|feles}} = —

{{Data Asteroidum 0000|1112|nomen}} = —