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Cine-t ([[{{{ling}}}]]; scilicet Latine {{{LT}}})


Instructions[fontem recensere]

Used for titles of films in languages other than Latin.

ling= lingua tituli (adverbia)

LT= Latinus titulus

Example[fontem recensere]

{{cine-t|ling=Anglice|LT=Kane civis}}

would yield:

Citizen Kane (Anglice; scilicet Latine Kane civis)

CAVE[fontem recensere]

Do not use this template for pages that have parentheticals in their name, e.g. Ice Age (pellicula) or Fight Club (pellicula)

Instead, copy this code:

'''''TITLE OF FILM''''' ([[LANGUAGE]]; scilicet [[Lingua Latina|Latine]] ''LATIN TITLE'')