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Documentation (please translate): This template inserts wiki markup for blocks of text in right-to-left languages. The template can be, and perhaps should be, subst-ed.

{{Adas|block of rtl text}}

{{Adas|ברשאית ברא אלקים}} produces:

Haec est subpagina documentationis de "Formula:Adas".

Haec subpagina informationes categoriasque et alias res continet quae in pagina principali respectiva non continentur.

ברשאית ברא אלקים[1]
  • As default style, the text block is marked as right-aligned, with rtl text direction. This is the standard treatment of body text in right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.


[fontem recensere]
Note: The right-to-left language text block must always be the first parameter in the template. Optional parameters must follow.


[fontem recensere]

{{Adas|ברשאית ברא אלקים|align=center}} center-aligns the text:

ברשאית ברא אלקים


[fontem recensere]

{{Adas|ברשאית ברא אלקים|align=center|magnus=ita}} increases the font size by 10%. (The purpose of this is to compensate for the fact that Hebrew fonts are typically smaller than Latin fonts at same nominal font size.) This parameter will work whether the text is right-aligned or center-aligned.

ברשאית ברא אלקים
Note: The template looks for any value for magnus. Even non works. To avoid increasing font size simply leave the parameter out entirely.


[fontem recensere]



[fontem recensere]
  1. The sample text consists of the first three Hebrew words of Genesis; i.e., "In principio creavit Deus ..."