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Wooden plate with an inscription in Tocharian B describing a piece of land, either part of a sale contract (Pinault) or a record of a donation (Tamai).
Datum saeculum 6 or saeculum 7
Medium ink on wood
Dimensions Altitudo: 12 cm; Latitudo: 19.5 cm; Thickness: 0.7 cm
dimensions QS:P2048,12U174728;P2049,19.5U174728;P2610,0.7U174728
institution QS:P195,Q653433
Current location
Art of the Western Regions, Asian Gallery (Toyokan)
Accession number
Tocharian document no. 174; Otani 19.1
Place of discovery Kucha, Xinjiang region, China
Credit line Otani collection
Inscriptions recto [Mitravardhana, Vīryaśānti, Aryarakṣita, Kalyāṇamokṣa, Ārtakoṣa, Satyarakṣita, Mitrasoma, Śāntisena, the Elder Buddhavarman, respectable ones have brought 1500 cānes to the place. The border of this monastery garden in the east [is] the river A[r]moki. [In] the south, the border is the arm of the river Yato. The border in the west is the great stream. The border in the north in the arm of the river Armoki down to the great stream. The sign on the kāy [is] lions looking backward.]
  • Adams, D.Q. () "On the History and Significance of Some Tocharian B Agricultural Terms" in Mair, Victor H. , ed. The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia, 1, University of Pennsylvania Museum, pp. 372–378 ISBN: 978-0-941694-63-6.
  • Pinault, G.-J. () "Tocharian Languages and Pre-Buddhist Culture" in Mair, Victor H. , ed. The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia, 1, University of Pennsylvania Museum, pp. 358–371 ISBN: 978-0-941694-63-6.
  • Tamai, Tatsushi 玉井達士 (2004). "On Tocharian Document No. 174 in the Tokyo National Museum". Studies on the Inner Asian Languages 19: 95–105.
  • Art of the Western Regions. Tokyo National Museum (February 12, 2015).
Source/Photographer From en.wikipedia. Originally uploaded by w:en:User:PHG. Personal photograph, 2005.

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