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Hi. At Fructus, for "kiwi" we have the Latin name "Actinidia deliciosa". An anonymous edit added "Grossularia Sinensis", which I deleted with the note that we would need a source for that name. Now you have added the same name again. So where's the source? The name you've added looks like someone's guess at a Latin equivalent for one of the common English names: the question is, is it your guess, or is it found in a reliable modern Latin source? Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 16:34, 18 Decembris 2015 (UTC)[reply]

Inveni "grussularia Sinensis" in lexico David Morgan. Credo "grussularia" errorem typographicalem esse. Nonne est "grossularia?" Hic nexus: https://hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/morton/kiwifruit_ars.html dicit fructum appelatum esse "Chinese gooseberry" quae verba fiunt "grossularia sinensis" latine.

Yes, they do, and that's exactly why I wondered whether the Latin name was your invention! But if Morgan said it, we can cite him. Thanks. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 12:06, 20 Decembris 2015 (UTC)[reply]
I have, rather late in the day, created a page for "kiwifruit": necessary because the fruits belong to several species, hence there is a corresponding page en:Kiwifruit. Noting Morgan's apparently misspelled form, I cited it but didn't choose to use it because there is already "Actinidiae fructus" in use by pharmacists and homoeopaths. If Morgan invented the name, he had no need to. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 15:00, 8 Iulii 2021 (UTC)[reply]