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Cui bono?[fontem recensere]

Hanc paginam ad delendum propono!Bis-Taurinus (disputatio) 23:29, 11 Februarii 2017 (UTC)

Vehementer consentimus. Facere non possumus quin dicamus paginam nequissimam videri. Qua pro causa, O amice Hunte, rem generasti? In animo habes commentarios novos conscribere? Quando incipies? Si opus est tibi auxilio, opem adferre possumus. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 01:30, 12 Februarii 2017 (UTC)

"it's MY PAGE! I can write whatever I want here"[fontem recensere]

HunteWinchester123, no, you cannot write whatever you want here. Vicipaedia is a project with the goal of writing an encyclopedia in good Latin. Pages (including userpages) that do not serve this purpose will be deleted.

I have looked at your contributions in those wikipedias that you edited most (sulutil:HunteWinchester123):

pt.wikipedia.org pt:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 2655
en.wikipedia.org en:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 1481
pl.wikipedia.org pl:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 221 no edits outside userspace
fr.wikipedia.org fr:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 188 no edits outside userspace
simple.wikipedia.org simple:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 176 no edits outside userspace and usertalk
ja.wikipedia.org ja:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 137 no edits outside userspace
la.wikipedia.org Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 134 no edits outside userspace and usertalk
si.wikipedia.org si:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 108 no edits outside userspace and usertalk
de.wikipedia.org de:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 104 all contributions deleted (probably userspace/usertalk), blocked indefinitely for creating undesired entries that were not proper encyclopedic articles
it.wikipedia.org it:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 99 no edits outside userspace
nl.wikipedia.org nl:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 98 all but two usertalk contributions deleted (probably userspace)
sv.wikipedia.org sv:Special:Contributions/HunteWinchester123 22 all contributions deleted (probably userspace/usertalk), blocked indefinitely for vandalism

You claimed on Disputatio Usoris:Bis-Taurinus: "I keep things in various wikipedias of different languages and nothing has ever occurred." I believe that this is not true, as evidenced, in particular, by the contents of your user talk page in nl.wikipedia, your deleted contributions in nl.wikipedia and your blocks on de.wikipedia and sv.wikipedia.

Your edit on Disputatio Usoris:Bis-Taurinus casts doubt on your ability to write in good Latin. What useful contribution to Vicipaedia, a project for writing an encyclopedia in good Latin, would you like to make? Otherwise I suggest that you place {{delenda}} on your userpage and refrain from making further edits on la.wikipedia. --UV (disputatio) 11:58, 12 Februarii 2017 (UTC)

FYI. In Taberna, Neander has succinctly made a point that most vicipaedianists would probably endorse (and UV makes it too, above): the project concedes personal pages to contributors (only) for the purpose of improving the project—which fundamentally means for the purpose of contributing articles in Latin. Material that therefore comes to mind as being the most suitable for personal pages includes: (1) lists of topics you plan to write about (in Latin) or hope others will, (2) lists of articles you've already contributed, and (3) drafts of texts you're currently working on or have already contributed. So far, you've made lists, but you've given no evidence that you're developing Latin articles out of them. A few of the listed individuals might generally be regarded as being notable enough to warrant an article, but it's unlikely that most vicipaedianists would agree that all are that notable. You could conceivably work the names of some of the less notable ones into general articles on aspects of the business and art of pornography, but absent such a goal, the lists as they stand probably won't be doing Latin lovers any good. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 14:53, 12 Februarii 2017 (UTC)
I can see no encyclopedic purpose that the page serves, so, as proposed above, I am now deleting it. If you wish it to be restored briefly, HunteWinchester, so that you can copy the material to another location, I would be happy to do that for you, and any other admin would probably do the same. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 09:58, 18 Februarii 2017 (UTC)