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Hi. It may be useful to know that the phrase "lexical collatio" is not Latin.

You could be wasting your time in adding bilingual glossaries to Italic language pages, because Vicipaedia is not a dictionary or glossary. It really needs Latin text. To avoid waste of time it's better to discuss your plan, and better also to use a named account. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 19:56, 25 Maii 2020 (UTC)

Sorry i don't speak Latin just wanted to say "lexical comparison". But it seems that the translator does not work for Latin. ¿What would be the correct way?. I can't add text to the glossary because unfortunately I don't speak Latin.
Please forgive me, I was just testing, I already guessed that a translator had been used. OK, no problem, I'll correct the headings.
The translator you are using evidently retains the word in your original language if it hasn't learned a suitable word in the target language. That's quite normal, and it usually betrays a machine translation very quickly. Eventually the machines will know all the words and all the syntax, and then we can go home :) Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 08:52, 26 Maii 2020 (UTC)

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