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Disputatio Categoriae:Systema lymphaticum

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I have changed the lemma systema lymphaticum to systema lymphaceum. There are some writers (Hyrtl, Triepel) that point out that lymphaticus does not pertaining to lympha but means frantic, panick struck (as can be found as English translation in Lewis & Short). Hyrtl (1880) mentions: 'Seneca nennt lymphaticos qui sine mente sunt.' This does not seems to be the meaning that the various committees of anatomical nomenclature tried to express.

Triepel (1927) mentions as alternative to use lympharis or lymphaceus. The Ienaiensia Nomina Anatomica (INA) (1936) use(s) the adjective lymphaceus instead of lymphaticus. I do not have the INA on my shelve, but a publication of Kopsch (1941) that lists in alphabetical order the anatomic names of the preceding Basiliensia Nomina Anatomica (BNA) of 1895 with the corresponding term of the INA in the second column. But the INA does not seem to use systema lymphaceum, but vasa lymphacea as corresponding term. However, I found the specific term systema lymphaceum in a Dutch anatomic textbook (with additional Latin nomenclature) (Van den Broek et al., 1954). I think this would be enough 'evidence' to rename this categoria. if not, i would like to hear. Lympha is Latin and not Greek. Forms like lymphoideus are also hybrids, so lymphaceus seems preferable. With kind regards, Wimpus (disputatio) 23:09, 11 Decembris 2013 (UTC)[reply]