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The point of my edit here is to introduce current terminology, for future reference, following Wilamowitz. In the Latin chapters of his GV, he uses membrum, in German Glied; in English this is a colon. I do not find colon in W's Latin (which surprises me a bit), nor does there seem to be an obvious Latin equivalent for his term Kurzvers (for which I don't have an English term either, actually: I think we'd just call e.g. "Maecenas atavis" a Kurzvers in English too). He uses periodus and Periode for the longer units called period also in English. In order to discuss meter in modern terms these terms are useful; of course we should also be able to explain the ancient style, talking only about feet, but there's no lexical problem there. A. Mahoney 16:15, 24 Iunii 2011 (UTC)