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If we don't have an attestation or example of a similarly formed name, I think the name should be kept as english, especially given its dubious etymology. --Rafaelgarcia 15:56, 22 Septembris 2009 (UTC)

Oh, I quite agree! (Which is why, for Polynesian placenames, my system, based on Professor Lönnrot's Finnish system, takes the indigenous name unchanged for the nominative.) However, I seem to recall having seen forms where English -ville becomes Latin -villa, so I tried that form as a temporary measure. Can others speak to that point? In any case, Somervilla is probably closer to our goal than Samaroppidum (!) was. Similarly, Medfordia has to be better than Campusvadum. IacobusAmor 16:48, 22 Septembris 2009 (UTC)
I'm clueless as to where Samaropppidum came from. I assumed it came from a source since it is so unusual, but one can't always count on that.--Rafaelgarcia 16:56, 22 Septembris 2009 (UTC)
Samar- must have been a phonetic spelling of Somer-, and oppidum then had to be an attempt at accommodating -ville. And Campusvadum for Medford must have been Campus for an assumed Med- = Mead[ow] plus vadum, which at least is good Latin for 'ford'! :) IacobusAmor 17:18, 22 Septembris 2009 (UTC)