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I should point out that I got that quotation and some of the titles listed on this page from the Latin text on the inside cover of the Life of Brian scriptbook. The latinitas is, of course, not excellent, and (for example) they botched the latin forms of their own names to a great extent. But since I generally prefer to refer to people by the Latin name they themselves chose (and since it was pretty damn cool of them to try at all), I thought we should retain their own choices, except in cases where they are out and out wrong (e.g. Numquam Quoddam in Toto Differens cannot be made to mean "And Now For Something Completely Different," no matter how hard I try). --Iustinus 16:56 aug 2, 2004 (UTC)

Forsan "Sensus vitae" melius sit, quia proprie de sensu agitur.

Dubium[fontem recensere]

HEY! What's the big idea with the {{dubium}} template? The Latin may indeed be questionable, but as I explained above, it seems proper for this page. --Iustinus 20:40, 7 Decembris 2006 (UTC)