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Disputatio:Numerus quadratus

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This page uses the term "numerus quadratus centropositus" for what en:Square number calls a "centered square number." Kind of a neat thing -- it's a generalized quincunx. I'd never heard of these in any language, so I don't expect there's already a standard Latin phrase floating around for this. Thus I've removed the "dubsig" flag: the expression is adequately idiomatic and clear. Similarly the "centered octagon numbers" in the next sentence of course. If someone has a better adjective than "centropositus," though, bring it on! A. Mahoney 19:02, 2 Augusti 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Is centropositus a legitimately formed compound, as opposed to, say, centripositus ? Confer centricus (ex Graeco kentrikos), centrifugus (hinc Anglicum centrifuge), et centripetus (hinc Anglicum centripetal). In aliis wikis, Esperanto Centrita kvadrata nombro, Francicum Nombre carré centré, Theodiscum Zentrierte Quadratzahl, et Italicum Numero quadrato centrato fortasse significant Latinum centratus numerus quadratus, ex verbo opinabili *centrare. IacobusAmor 20:26, 2 Augusti 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Hmmm, yeah. It does not seem to be an attested compound (though I should remember to check the TLL next time I'm at school), but then I'm not finding any centro- or centri- compounds at all in a quick and dirty search over the PHI. I like centrare, centratus, though, back-formed from the Romance words. Should we use that? If so let's change it here while it's still in a redlink. A. Mahoney 22:22, 2 Augusti 2011 (UTC)[reply]