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Vereor ne color hic (et fortasse etiam alii) non recte adsignatus est: Inter ater et niger nihil aliud interest atque inter albus et candidus: candidus et niger splendent, albus et ater non splendent. Russus e. g. obscurior mea sententia est, cf. vinum russum <-> vinum album. usor:Bohmhammel 20.33 11 Kal. Sept. 2006

  1. 707070 Hic color secundum vicipaediam Germanam grau vel "canus" appellandus est. Alex1011 15:30, 20 Maii 2007 (UTC)
Anglice, I'd say the present version of ater is "dark gray" and therefore wrong, as it should be "pure black." See the chapter "Colour Terms" in William T. Stearn, Botanical Latin, new edition (1983): "ater is pure black, without a trace of brown or blue in it; atricolor cannot be far off the same; atramentarius, inky; niger, glistening black, perhaps a trifle rusty; nigerrimus, intense black; anthracinus, coal-black; piceus, pitchy; piceo-ater and furvus are swarthy and lustreless; atratus and negritus, garbed in black; pullus and pullulatus, about the same tint; memnonius, nearly the same as piceus, perhaps a little browner; aethiopicus, negro-black; coracinus, corvinus, metallic lustrous black with a tinge of blue; nigellus, blackish, and denigratus, blackened, are wanting in precision" (p. 245). IacobusAmor 16:43, 20 Maii 2007 (UTC)

Do we need separate pages for ater and niger? Perhaps unify them and explain the difference on the resulting page? A. Mahoney 16:32, 10 Iunii 2011 (UTC)

Assentior. Constat colorem nigrum cum nitore, atrum autem sine nitore esse, sed expedit has coloris umbras in eadem symbola explicare exemplis concretis prolatis. Neander (disputatio) 22:45, 24 Ianuarii 2013 (UTC)