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Pagina huic coniuncta e conversione paginae „Mary Cassatt“ sitús en.wikipedia.org orta est.
Auctoribus illius paginae hic enumeratis gratias agimus.
Die angegliederte Seite basiert ursprünglich auf einer Übersetzung von Mary Cassatt aus en.wikipedia.org. Eine Liste der Autoren ist hier verfügbar.
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The attached page originated as a translation from the page "Mary Cassatt" on the site en.wikipedia.org.
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Alumni Scholae Bellarum Artium (Lutetia)[fontem recensere]

According to the text of en:wiki, she wasn't really: women weren't yet admitted. Instead she took lessons privately from Gérôme, who was a teacher at the Ecole. We should possibly have a separate category for people who were informally linked to the Ecole in that way? Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 12:14, 23 Augusti 2016 (UTC)