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Mammaliorum[fontem recensere]

If Linnaeus really used mammaliorum (from *mammalius?) a specific source would be desirable. Lesgles (disputatio) 20:41, 7 Maii 2015 (UTC)

Nonne est genetivus pluralis mammalium ? IacobusAmor (disputatio) 21:18, 7 Maii 2015 (UTC)
Formam "mammaliorum" tu, Iacobe, primus inseruisti, ut hic vides, sed fortasse lapsú momentaneo. Ego credebam "mammale -is -ia -ium", sed fontem non habeo. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 09:40, 8 Maii 2015 (UTC)
That was then; this is now! IacobusAmor (disputatio) 12:02, 8 Maii 2015 (UTC)
No dispute about that! I was just curious to see where we got the word from. So I think that form can be eliminated and replaced with a link to the Systema Naturae, in which I immediately find "mammalibus" as well as "mammalia", so, luckily, the declension is evident. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 15:26, 8 Maii 2015 (UTC)
In [Systema naturae] I find gen. pl. mammalium (p. 15), abl. pl. mammalibus (p. 17), and abl. sing. mammali (p. 77 footnote). This all is 3rd declension (otherwise it should read mammaliorum, mammaliis and mammalio). As a consequence, nom. sing. is mammale. --Peter Buch (disputatio) 07:51, 21 Iulii 2017 (UTC)
Exactly! If you find any mammaliorums, mammaliis, etc., elsewhere, please correct them! Lesgles (disputatio) 16:23, 21 Iulii 2017 (UTC)