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Lemma[fontem recensere]

FWIW, "lingua compositiva" (compiler language)? Sigur (disputatio) 16:00, 13 Februarii 2020 (UTC)

'Compiler' is compilatrum. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 19:36, 13 Februarii 2020 (UTC)
Well, I had seen the page given as a source there but I have some doubts... "assembler 1. (assembly language) subst. lingua machinalis; assembler,i m. 2. (compiler) subst. compilatrum (assembleri)" For starters "machine language" is a different concept, "assembler, -i" looks rather like English with a Latin declension, and when I looked up "compilo", it didn't sound like what I first innocently thought it meant as well. One can wonder about the reliability of that source, and I think there was a reason why someone wrote in "compilatrum" "vel fortasse puriore Latinitate compositrum". In other words, between "lingua compilatri" and your lemma, I'd definitively stick to yours. ☺ Sigur (disputatio) 20:20, 13 Februarii 2020 (UTC)