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nous avons traduit "plante modèle" par instar planta. Pour discuter de ce choix voir cette page ou la page de discussion de Medicago truncatula. We choose to use the expression instar planta to translate "model plant". If you disagree with this choice or want to speak about it, write here or on the article Medicago truncatula. -- Thoma D. 17:18, 2 Iulii 2007 (UTC)

Non plene te intellego. "Medicago truncatula et Arabidopsis thaliana sunt instar plantae" Anglice fortasse significat 'Medicago truncatula and Arabidopsis thaliana are models/examples/likenesses of a plant'. Why would this point be worth an article in an encyclopedia? Does plante modèle have a technical sense in French? IacobusAmor 18:37, 2 Iulii 2007 (UTC)