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Si adiuvare vis, in arenam inspicias. usor:Sinister Petrus/Mea arena #INDEX Sinister Petrus 05:13, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)

Satellitum fortasse?--Ioshus Rocchio 13:02, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
Minime. I was having some trouble translating those parts into Latin (it was late, et fessus eram). If you've got any ideas about mass/volume and other astronomical concepts, that's what's left of the English page that isn't in Latin. The list itself is in good shape. I spent a couple of days on it before posting it, because I wanted what links we had to work. Sinister Petrus 14:47, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
In physics, mass is just massa. I suspect it's OK to use volumen for volume, in the context of modern physics at least, but I don't know that for sure. But in any case, capacitas is a better stopgap than conceptio if you ask me. --Iustinus 16:25, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
I just mean obiectorum/satellitum. Obiecta is not the best word for object. Satelles works a bit better, I think.--Ioshus Rocchio 15:04, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
Yeah, I don't know about obiectum, but satelles is possibly not the best either, especially given that we often use it as a euphemism for luna here (early on some people expressed doubt that luna could be used generically in Latin, even though I found citations to the contrary). I mean, planets (and other junk that doesn't fit whatever deffinition the IAU is using today) are satellites in that they orbit the sun, but even in English, if you say "list of satellites in the solar system" people are going to expect it to refer to objects that orbit planets. --Iustinus 16:29, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
Point conceded about satelles. Do you have a different suggestion?--Ioshus Rocchio 17:38, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
Yeah, I too had some questions about obiectum, but it was in the name of the article. So I used it, despite my misgivings. I suppose we could cop out and use res or maybe even quaedam. Though satelles seems generic enough for our purpose. Something can be a satelles planetae seu satelles solis. I've got no objection on that count. Part of my problem has been, an continues to be a dictionary that doesn't have enough firepower for the task at hand. Sinister Petrus 18:01, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
Come to think of it, the mot juste is probably corpus. --Iustinus 18:26, 23 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
Duh on me. Celestial bodies... Where's my head? Sinister Petrus 02:01, 24 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
In caelis? =]--Ioshus Rocchio 04:26, 24 Augusti 2006 (UTC)