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"Insulae Havaienses, olim Insulae Sandvicenses" aut "Insulae Havaiensis, olim Insulae Sandvicensis" est??? cum "i" aut cum "e"?? - Is it written with "i" or with "e"?? --Karlven 21:07, 28 Octobris 2010 (UTC)

Your Insulae = 'Islands'. That should give you your answer. Both Insulae Havaienses (= Havaiʻi, the island-chain) and Insula Havaiensis (= Havaiʻi, the U.S. state) should be OK because they denote different things. IacobusAmor 00:49, 3 Iunii 2011 (UTC)

How[fontem recensere]

How is it possible that we do not yet have the Eggerism here? --Iustinus 00:13, 3 Iunii 2011 (UTC)