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The amazing Eleazar García Sánchez[fontem recensere]

How is it possible that one man, Eleazar García Sánchez, is simultaneously the mayor of Emerita in civitate Iucatania and the mayor of Pasuca Sotoensis in civitate Hidalgo? Also: the original texts of both articles said he was a schoolmistress (magistra) or a female superintendent, but that can't have been right, unless he's even more amazing than one imagines. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 09:24, 18 Iulii 2012 (UTC)

He managed it because this article and three others were created (by Marrovi) by copy-pasting, without any reference to a higher truth. The source citation was wrong as well.
Poor Eleazar has probably died of exhaustion after running around his four cities for five years, so I have deleted him from all the pages. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 19:13, 31 Octobris 2017 (UTC)