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Hmm. Rather choppily ordered for what I get out of it. ¶ Re : "Ecce Romani, a Gilberto Lawall, est liber editus in partibus tribus, primum in CFA at latius deinde, scriptus ad linguam Latinam docendam." Anglice : "The book Ecce Romani has been published in three parts, by Gilbert Lawall, first in the U.S.A. but then more widely, and written to teach the Latin language." For "in three parts," there may be an idiom. So maybe more smoothly (if that translation is what you were saying) : "Liber Ecce Romani, a Gilberto Lawall tripartito editus, primum in CFA at recentior latius, ad linguam Latinam docendam scriptus est." ¶ Re : "Per fabulas de Cornelii familiae, senatore Romano fictico vita eventisque, libri I et II docent grammaticam simplicem et vocabula nonnulla." Vocabulary: eventus is fourth declension ; for "fictional, fictitious," my old dictionary has fictitius, not ficticus (but since fabulae may already be fictitious, maybe it can be omitted here, or better, go with fabula to show that everybody, not just the senator, is fictitious) ; nonnulla 'some' seems pale, but I'm not sure which you'd prefer among frequens, communis, obvius, translatitius, tritus, vulgaris, etc. So maybe : "Libri I et II grammaticam simplicem et vocabula vulgaria per fabulas fictitias de vita eventibusque familiae Cornelii, senatoris Romani, docent." Just suggestions. IacobusAmor 14:24, 25 Martii 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Why do the chapter summaries only cover chapters one through ten? Ecce Romani I has, if I recall correctly, 26 or so chapters. I'd have to retrieve my own copy to be sure, but it's currently in my school locker. Anyways, why stop at 10? Is the rest unable to be summarized for copyright reasons? Sparkstarthunderhawk 21:39, 23 Maii 2009 (UTC)[reply]