Disputatio:Camera Repraesentantium Civitatum Foederatarum

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"Camera Repraesentantum [Civitatum Foederatarum]"[fontem recensere]

The searchbox shows 212 instances of this locution. Am I missing something, or isn't the correct form Camera Repraesentantium? Can a bot fix it? ¶ Did anyone consider Camera Repraesentativorum? The latter word is apparently a well-attested (albeit medieval) term and its meaning more obviously evident to native speakers of English, the language used by all representatives in the said chamber. IacobusAmor 11:14, 30 Augusti 2010 (UTC)

Mendum hodie iterum observatum (sed nunc 214 "instances"). IacobusAmor 12:09, 6 Iulii 2011 (UTC)

Prolocutor camerae[fontem recensere]

Latin for this 'speaker' is given as rogator comitiorum and senatus praeses and senatus princeps in Ainsworth, compiled in an age when the Speaker of Parliament might actually have been expected to break out into Latin from time to time. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 18:46, 4 Decembris 2015 (UTC)