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There seems to be no dispute about Nederlandia (the member State of the European Union) and its corresponding category, Categoria:Nederlandia.

But what about Batavia and Hollandia? Hollandia seems to describe two provinces of Nederlandia. Batavia, before this edit, described the same thing as Hollandia see also this edit --UV 16:43, 19 Augusti 2006 (UTC). Following this edit, however, it constitutes just an old name of Nederlandia, which renders the corresponding category Categoria:Batavia rather useless.Reply[reply]

Should we delete Categoria:Batavia (and perhaps, if necessary, create Categoria:Hollandia to cover the two provinces of the Netherlands)?

Thoughts? --UV 16:25, 19 Augusti 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

UV, I think we can indeed delete Categoria:Batavia, as (this use of) the name Batavia is just an old name for the Netherlands, not a region of it, as stated earlier. We could create Categoria:Hollandia, but that's maybe a bit too specific (at least, in my opinion). I also don't think a Hollandia (discretiva) page is needed, as was suggested yesterday by Usor:Roland2, because Holland is indeed "just" a region of the Netherlands, though an (economic, social and political) important one, and as such the name is often used as pars pro toto. --Agricola 19:30, 19 Augusti 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]
That would mean that we also delete the current page Batavia and move Batavia (discretiva) to Batavia, given the fact that current Batavia does not tell anything beyond what is already on Batavia (discretiva)? --UV 23:16, 22 Augusti 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Please do. I'll put a delenda on the page in case you don't see this notice. Harrissimo.