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Shouldn't this page be moved to Italiae unificationis dies? --Roland2 12:11, 2 Aprilis 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Italicae unitatis tempora

It might as well be obliterated: the bulk of the text has nothing specific to do with 17 March 1861, and is instead a brief history of the movement for Italian national unification. The first sentence could be kept here, and the rest of the text would then go into an article chronicling the Risorgimento. IacobusAmor 04:22, 19 Novembris 2006 (UTC)[reply]

"Hoc aevum Italiane dicitur Risorgimento (Latine dicitur "vindicatio")." Si ita dicitur, cur in titulo mentionem "unificationis" habemus? Et nescio, an "vindicatio" vocabulo "risorgimento" correspondeat. Habemusne fontes extravicipaedianas? Nisi habemus, tertium iam vocabulum affero: "Integratio Italiae". Quid censetis? Neander (disputatio) 11:37, 19 Ianuarii 2014 (UTC)[reply]