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D. G. E. Hall (Daniel George Edward Hall; natus die 17 Novembris 1891; mortuus die 12 Octobris 1979) fuit rerum gestarum Birmaniae Asiaeque australorientalis scriptor Britannicus. D. G. E. Hall fuit alumnus Collegii Regalis Londiniensis. Fuit professor apud universitatem Yangonensem a mense Maio anni 1921. Anno 1934, in Angliam reditus, factus est director Scholae Caterham, ibique usque ad annum 1949 remansit. Postea fuit professor historiae Asiae australorientalis apud universitatem Cornellianam et mox apud scholam Scientiarum Orientalium et Africanarum Londiniensem.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • Imperialism in Modern History (1923)
  • A Brief Survey of English Constitutional History (1925)
  • (cum aliis) The League of Nations: a manual for university students in India, Burma and Ceylon (1926)
  • Early English Intercourse with Burma (1587-1743) (1928)
  • "The Tragedy of Negrais" in Journal of the Burma Research Society vol. 21 (1931)
  • The Dalhousie-Phayre Correspondence 1852-1856 (1932)
  • "Studies in Dutch Relations with Arakan" in Journal of the Burma Research Society vol. 26 (1936)
  • "The Daghregister of Batavia and Dutch Trade with Burma in the Seventeenth Century" in Journal of the Burma Research Society vol. 29 (1939)
  • Europe and Burma: a study of European relations with Burma to the annexation of Thibaw's kingdom, 1886 (1945)
  • Burma (1950; 2a ed., 1956)
  • History of South-East Asia (1955; 2a ed., 1964; 3a ed., 1968)
  • (editor) Michael Symes: journal of his second embassy to the Court at Ava in 1802 (1955)
  • (editor) Historians of South-East Asia (1961)
  • Henry Burney: a political biography (1974)

Bibliographia[recensere | fontem recensere]

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