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Billy the Kid

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Billy the Kid circa 1880. Photographema late editum.
Henricus Hooker in fundo Sierra Bonita in Arizona meridiorientali.
Ioannes Tunstall, circa 1870
William J. Brady, Lincoln County Sheriff, 1872.
Ricardus Brewer, circa 1875.
Thomas O'Folliard, circa 1875.
Carolus Bowdre, circa 1880.
Sepulcrum Bonneyanum. Arx Sumner Novi Mexici.
Monumentum Billy the Kid.
Dick Brewer, Billy the Kid, and the Regulators. Pictura Andreae Thomas.

Billy the Kid[1] (natus Novi Eboraci die 17 Septembris 1859; mortuus in Arce Sumner Novi Mexici die 14 Iulii 1881) fuit sclopetarius Occidentis Veteris Americani, qui Bello Comitatus Lincolnianis Novi Mexici intererat et octo homines necavisse scitur.[2][3]

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