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Wikidata Billy Ray Cyrus
Res apud Vicidata repertae:
Billy Ray Cyrus: imago
Nativitas: 25 Augusti 1961; Flatwoods
Patria: Civitates Foederatae Americae
Nomen nativum: William Ray Cyrus


Munus: Suorum carminum actor, actor televisificus, guitaristus, Procurator televisificus, actor cinematographicus, film producer


Genitores: Ron Cyrus; Ruth Ann Cyrus
Coniunx: Tish Cyrus
Proles: Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, Christopher Cody Cyrus


Laurae: Favorite Country Single, Favorite Country New Artist, Juno Award for Best Selling Single, Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor

Gulielmus Raimundus Cyrus (natus William Ray Cyrus Flatwoods in vico Kentukiano die 25 Augusti 1961[1][2] ), nomine scaenico Billy Ray Cyrus notus, est cantor, compositor carminum, et histrio Americanus.[3][4][5] Musicam generis rusticae canit, et histrione partes Roberti Stewart in Hannah Montana serie televisifica egente innotuit.

Cyrus in itinere "Spirit of America" die 5 Octobris 2005 canit.[6]

Discographia[recensere | fontem recensere]

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Notae[recensere | fontem recensere]

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