Bibliotheca Universitatis Mancuniensis

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Principale bibliothecae universitatis aedificium
Aedificium bibliothecae Iohannis Rylands in vico Deansgate

Bibliotheca Universitatis Mancuniensis (Anglice nunc University of Manchester Library, olim John Rylands University Library) anno 1851 condita est et a principio fuit bibliotheca Collegii Owens; quod in Universitatem Victoriam foederalem anno 1880 coniunctum est, annoque 1904 nomine Universitate Victoria Mancuniensi rursus separatum. Bibliotheca universitatis anno 1972 cum libera Iohanni Rylands bibliotheca coniuncta est; in anno 2004 cum bibliotheca Instituti Scientiae et Technologiae Universitatis Mancuniensis (vulgo UMIST) coniuncta est.

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Libri generales[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • Pullan, Brian, et Michele Abendstern. 2000. A History of the University of Manchester, 1951–73. Mancunii: Manchester University Press. ISBN 0719056705 Paginae selectae.
  • Ratcliffe, F. W. 2007. Books, Books, Just Miles and Miles of Books: across the library counter, 1950–2000. Cantabrigiae: F. W. Ratcliffe (autobiographia).
  • Tyson, Moses. 1937. The Manchester University Library. Mancunii: Manchester University Press.

Catalogi[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • Leigh, Charles W. E., ed. 1915. Catalogue of the Christie Collection. Mancunii: Manchester University Press (collectio Ricardi Copley Christie, eruditi anglici et bibliophili).
  • Leigh, Charles W. E., ed. 1932. Catalogue of the Library for Deaf Education. Mancunii: Manchester University Press.

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  1. Christopher Pressler; University of Manchester Library

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