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{{Capsa hominis Vicidata}}
'''Percy Furnivall''' (natus die [[5 Aprilis]] [[1867]]; mortuus [[3 Maii]] [[1938]])<ref>[http://genuki.cs.ncl.ac.uk/DEV/Northam/MonumentalInscriptions/MI-Inscriptions.Z.html ''GENUKI/Devon: Northam MIs - tomb nos. Z2 S9 to Zzc 9'' apud genuki.cs.ncl.ac.uk]</ref> fuit [[birotatio|birotarius]] [[Anglia|Anglicus]], totius mundi victor anno [[1885]].<ref>[[:en:List of Old Gowers#F]]</ref> Fuit etiam chirurgus [[St Mark's Hospital|nosocomii Sancti Marci]] [[Londinium|Londinii]] et professor chirurgiae apud [[Collegium Regium Chirurgorum]] Londiniense. Percy Furnivall fuit filius philologi [[F. J. Furnivall]] uxorisque eius Eleanorae Nickel Dalziel (1838?–1937). In matrimonium duxit Olive Mary Butlin (1874-1973), filiam chirurgi [[Henricus Trentham Butlin|Henrici Trentham Butlin]].<ref>[http://livesonline.rcseng.ac.uk/biogs/E000220b.htm ''Butlin, Sir Henry Trentham - Plarr's Lives of the Fellows Online Biographical entry'' apud livesonline.rcseng.ac.uk]</ref> Fuit studiosus [[carcinoma]]tis, et ipse carcinomatis causa mortuus est. De aegritudine sua in ''British Medical Journal'' scripserat.<ref>"Tragedies from radium treatment are of frequent occurrence, and the publicity given to radium treatment of cancer is a disgrace to the Minister of Health and the vested interests which charge fantastic prices for this body-destroying substance. I do not wish my worst enemy the prolonged hell I have been through with radium neuritis and myalgia over six months."[http://archives.tcm.ie/waterfordnews/2005/05/20/story18075.asp]</ref>


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