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'''Iacobus Franciscus Stephens''' ([[Anglice]]: ''James Francis Stephens''), natus est die [[16 Septembris]], [[1792]] ad [[Shoreham-by-Sea]]; mortuus die [[22 Decembris]], [[1852]] fuit studiosus [[zoologia]]e, [[ornithologia]]e, et [[entomologia]]e [[Anglia|Anglicus]].
== Pinacotheca ==
Imago:Stephens ill.jpg|''[[Trichoptera]]'' apud Stephen’s Entomologiae Britannica.
== Opera ==
* ''Nomenclature of British Insects: Being a Compendious List of Such Species'' (1829).
* The last six volumes of ''General Zoology, or systematic natural history'' (1800-26) (16 volumes) after the death of [[Georgius Shaw]].
This work consists of 7 volumes of [[Mandibulata]], 4 volumes of [[Haustellata]], and 1 supplementary volume. The plates are coloured by hand, after drawings by [[C.M. Curtis]] and [[Ioannes Obadiah Westwood]].
== Nexus externi ==
* [http://www.toyen.uio.no/entomology/gusarov/Library/Stephens.htm ''Stephen's Entomologiae Brittanica apud Universitatem Asloa]
[[lt:James Francis Stephens]]
[[pt:James Francis Stephens]]
[[ru:Стивенс, Джеймс- Френсис]]
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