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he term ''word processing'' was invented by IBM in the late 1960s. By 1971 it was recognized by the ''New York Times'' as a "[[buzz word]]".<ref name=buzz>Smith, William D. (1971) "Lag Persists for Business Equipment;" ''The New York Times,'' October 26, 1971 p. 59</ref> A 1974 ''Times'' article referred to "the brave new world of Word Processing or W/P. That's International Business Machines talk... I.B.M.introduced W/P about five years ago for its [[Magnetic tape selectric typewriter|Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter]] and other electronic razzle-dazzle."<ref name=ghetto>Dullea, Georgia (1971): "Is It a Boon for Secretaries&mdash;Or Just an Automated Ghetto?" ''The New York Times,'' February 5, 1974, p. 32</ref>
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