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English: Sultan Abdülmecid I
label QS:Len,"Sultan Abdülmecid I"
Object type tabula picta
object_type QS:P31,Q3305213
The Sultan has a ceremonial uniform with gold embroidery on his front, collar and sleeves, with the Medal of the Medici order on his chest, and is wearing a fez with aigrette. There are many half length portraits of Abdulmecid, done by French painter Jean Portet or the Ottoman painters Sebuh or Ruben Manas. The Manas brothers were appointed to the Paris embassy as translators and many portraits were commissioned to them for the Ottoman embassies in Europe. This portrait could be one of those, or a later copy of the portraits painted by Portet or Manas brothers.
Datum Mid-19th Century
Medium oil on canvas
medium QS:P186,Q296955;P186,Q4259259,P518,Q861259
Dimensions Altitudo: 815 mm; Latitudo: 600 mm
dimensions QS:P2048,815U174789;P2049,600U174789
institution QS:P195,Q1662392
Accession number
Notae More info at museum site
Source/Photographer 9wF5fMS7YU4yow at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level

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