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As of today, Pluto is no longer regarded to be a planet. By astonomers, that is. Should this article be changed? Or should the article present a more layman kind of POV? --Agricola 20:19, 24 Augusti 2006 (UTC)

2 Skinnee J's (whom I trust dearly, though perhaps not as much as astronomers) sure think that Pluto is a planet! More seriously, though...I don't know. I'm torn between trusting the academic body of astronomy and the 20 odd years that I've been calling it a planet.--Ioshus Rocchio 20:25, 24 Augusti 2006 (UTC)

Planetula? Though I see someone has already used this for Ceres, perhaps thinking of Planetoides. --Iustinus

(er, or shoudl that be planeticula? --Iustinus 03:05, 25 Augusti 2006 (UTC))

Planetula = pumilio planeta (Anglice: dwarf planet) proposui, sed si quis melius inveniat nomen...
Et Ceres et Pluto in eadem categoria nunc sunt. usor:Bohmhammel, 12.47, 8 Kal. Sept. 2006

They don't like to be called "dwarfs": they prefer to be called "little planets." ;)
Aliae possibilitates: planetola, planetella, planetilla. IacobusAmor 14:59, 25 Augusti 2006 (UTC)

well the thing is, the normal rules say that the diminutive of a first declension noun (whose stem ends in a consonant) end in -ula, whereas a third declension ends in -icula. Greek first declension masculines like planetes sometimes end up with third declension forms. but I guess this word normally ends in -a in any case, so it's wholey first declension. but come to think of it, it is masculine, so it should be planetulus! (planetillus is also a possibility: double diminutive. But *planetola would be incorrect) --Iustinus 15:26, 25 Augusti 2006 (UTC)

Not I, but the IAU says dwarf planet to Pluto, Ceres a.s.o. Nostrum sit verbum Latinum pro eo invenire. Et planetilla et planetula diminutiva apta verbi planetae sunt; dubito an declinatio mutanda sit, quamvis scilicet masculina sint... Quod ad titulum pertinet: nihil refert utrum (planetula) an (astronomia) adiungatur. usor:Bohmhammel, 17.40, 6 Kal. Sept. 2006
I'm well aware of the source of the term, don't worry. But I'm pretty sure that diminutives are always -us -a -um for m f n. But I guess we shoudl see if we can find a concrete example of the diminutive form of a 1st declension masculine, just to be sure. And like you I don't really care what word we use to distinguish the title. --Iustinus 02:40, 28 Augusti 2006 (UTC)
Diminutiva verborum masculinorum a-declinationis difficillima sunt inventu. Tantum unum repperi: Nomina duorum fluviorum, nempe Mosa, -ae, m et Mosella, -ae (m, sed etiam f). usor:Bohmhammel, 21.24, 5 Kal. Sept. 2006

Pluto (astronomia)[fontem recensere]

What about avoiding this word in the title and moving the page to Pluto (astronomia)? --Roland (disp.) 21:26, 26 Augusti 2006 (UTC)