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De hac indice[fontem recensere]

This is a list of (non-redirect) short pages (in the main namespace). It differs from Specialis:Paginae breves in a number of details. In particular, pages that are tagged with the template {{Non stipula}} or {{Augenda}} are marked in the list below, and several types of pages are excluded from the list below:

This page needs to be updated manually, using data from a dump. This page currently contains data as of the dump of 2019-02-01 18:44:39. From time to time, UVbot (a bot operated by Usor:UV) will overwrite this page using newer data from a dump. You may edit this page, but whenever UVbot overwrites this page, any changes you have made will probably be overwritten as well.

Index paginarum[fontem recensere]

  1. (hist) Agnanum [122 octeti] augenda
  2. (hist) Coltanum [125 octeti] augenda
  3. (hist) Blentinus palus [143 octeti] augenda
  4. (hist) Chiosa [149 octeti] augenda
  5. (hist) Rethianus-Nicosia [150 octeti] augenda
  6. (hist) Ascianum (Aquae Pisanae) [158 octeti] augenda
  7. (hist) Fanum Sancti Lussorii (Pisae) [158 octeti] augenda
  8. (hist) Blentinae Certamen [159 octeti] augenda
  9. (hist) Mons Magnus-Fanum Sancti Laurentii [163 octeti] augenda
  10. (hist) Corfinium (Villa Colimundinga) [189 octeti] augenda
  11. (hist) Vicus Cassii [212 octeti] augenda
  12. (hist) Collegium Novum (Oxonia) [226 octeti] augenda
  13. (hist) Fanum Sanctae Columbae [228 octeti] augenda

  1. (hist) Caietanus Polidori [257 octeti] augenda
  2. (hist) Lacus Sextum [264 octeti] augenda
  3. (hist) Actore non probante reus absolvitur [280 octeti] non stipula
  4. (hist) Concilium Toletanum II [280 octeti] non stipula
  5. (hist) Canistripila [281 octeti] non stipula
  6. (hist) Mutschellen [282 octeti] non stipula
  7. (hist) Chemia polymerica [283 octeti] non stipula
  8. (hist) Coprolithum [283 octeti] non stipula
  9. (hist) Messapii [283 octeti] non stipula
  10. (hist) Propensio animi [283 octeti] non stipula
  11. (hist) Aeroportus Pleiku [284 octeti] non stipula
  12. (hist) Nota magistratus communalis [285 octeti] non stipula
  13. (hist) Sirius Niger [285 octeti] non stipula
  14. (hist) Lingua Bactriana [288 octeti] non stipula
  15. (hist) Lingua Parthica [288 octeti] non stipula
  16. (hist) Amol [290 octeti] augenda
  17. (hist) Fundatio Melissa [291 octeti] non stipula
  18. (hist) Ferdinandus [292 octeti]
  19. (hist) Mammalogia [294 octeti] non stipula
  20. (hist) Multicellulare [294 octeti] non stipula
  21. (hist) Flandria Orientalis [295 octeti] non stipula
  22. (hist) Ordinarius Fidelium Rituum Orientalium Austriae [296 octeti] non stipula
  23. (hist) Tulpiacum [296 octeti] non stipula
  24. (hist) Alphonsus [297 octeti]
  25. (hist) Explicatio Vitae, Mundi Universi, Omniumque [297 octeti]
  26. (hist) Cladeus [298 octeti] non stipula
  27. (hist) Pediludium aulare [299 octeti] non stipula
  28. (hist) Aprilis (nomen) [300 octeti]