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Triticum urartu

E Vicipaedia
Ordo : Poales 
Familia : Poaceae 
Genus : Triticum 
Species : Triticum urartu 
Thumanjan ex Gandilyan

Triticum urartu (binomen a P. A. Gandiljan post M. Tumanjan anno 1972 statutum) est species silvestris generis Tritici.

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Bibliographia[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • Mohammad Moghaddam, Bahman Ehdaie, J. Giles Waines, "Genetic diversity in populations of wild diploid wheat Triticum urartu Tum. ex. Gandil. revealed by isozyme markers" in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution vol. 47 (2000) pp. 323-334 Situs venalis
  • George Willcox, "Agrarian Change and the Beginnings of Cultivation in the Near East: evidence from wild progenitors, experimental cultivation and archaeobotanical data" in Chris Gosden, Jon G. Hather, edd., The Prehistory of Food: Appetites for Change (Abingdoniae: Routledge, 1999) pp. 478-500 (Paginae selectae apud Google Books)

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