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Tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide

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"Tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide", versu pleno et orthographia antiqua Oh tygers hart wrapt in a womans hyde, sunt verba ludi scaenici historici The True Tragedy of Richard Duke of York anno 1595 a Shakesperio edito. Ludus posterioribus titulo Henry VI part III cognoscitur, quo titulo anno 1623 in editionem operum in folio primam recensus est; hic versus ibi numeratur act. I sc. 4 v. 137.

Ludum iam anno 1592 doctum esse a philologis Shakesperianis compluribus censetur. Eo anno Robertus Greene hoc versu ut videtur illudit in opere suo satyrico Greene's Groat's Worth of Wit ubi Shakesperium ille primus auctorum refert (sed nomine mutato): ... an upstart crow, beautified with our feathers, that with his tygers hart wrapt in a players hyde supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blanke verse as the best of you, and, being an absolute Iohannes fac totum, is in his owne conceit the onely Shake-scene in a countrey.[1]

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