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Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
147 Park Avenue, Saranac Lake Novae Hantoniae. Quam domum "The Porcupine" appellavit.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich (natus Portu Ostii Novae Hantoniae die 1 Novembris 1836[1]; mortuus Bostoniae Massachusettae die 19 Martii 1907) fuit scriptor, poeta, criticus litterarum, et editor Americanus. Ab 1881 ad annum 1890 The Atlantic Monthly edidit. The Story of a Bad Boy, libro aliquantum autobiographico, innotuit, qui subgenus librorum "de puero malo" in litteris Civitatum Foederatarum saeculi undevicensimi constituit.[2] Etiam nonnullis poematibus innotuit, praecipue "The Unguarded Gates."[3]

Iuvenis amicus erat Edmundi Clarence Stedman, Ricardi Henrici Stoddard, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Bayard Taylor, et Gualterii Whitman.

Opera publicata[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • Daisy's Necklace: and What Came of It (1857)
  • The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth (1858)
  • Out of His Head (1862)
  • Père Antoine's Date Palm (1866)
  • Pansie's Wish: A Christmas Fantasy, with a Moral (1870)
  • The Story of a Bad Boy (1870)
  • Marjorie Daw and Other People (1873)
  • Prudence Palfrey (1874)
  • The Queen of Sheba (1877)
  • A Rivermouth Romance (1877)
  • The Story of a Cat (1879)
  • The Stillwater Tragedy (1880)
  • From Ponkapog to Pesth (1883)
  • The Second Son (1888)
  • Aldrich, Thomas Bailey (1893) [1883]. An Old Town by the Sea (secunda ed.). Cantabrigiae Massachusettae: Riverside Press, H.O. Houghton & Co. 
  • Two Bites at a Cherry, with Other Tales (1894)
  • A Sea Turn and Other Matters (1902)
  • Ponkapog Papers (1903)

Notae[recensere | fontem recensere]

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