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Charta nuntiativa liquaminis Tabasco anno fere 1900 edita

Tabasco est liquamen e capsicis ab Edmundo McIlhenny apud insulam Ansae Parvae(en) vel Avery Ludovicianae inventum. Quod liquamen ibidem a societate McIlhenny usque hodie conficitur et per mundum fere omnem venditatur.

Varietas Capsici frutescentis nomine Tabasco (fortasse a civitate Tabasca oriunda) a Maunsel White in Ludovicianam ante annum 1850 introducta est. Ille primus ut videtur salsam vel decoctionem ex hoc fructu pungentissimo confecit.[1] Ille senex Edmundum McIlhenny, amici Danielis Avery generum, cognovit,[2] qui praeceptum liquaminis fermentati annis insequentibus invenerit. Anno 1870, White iam mortuo, litteras patentes de confectione liquaminis Edmundus McIlhenny divulgavit.[3]

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  1. Col. White has introduced the celebrated tobasco red pepper, the very strongest of all peppers, of which he has cultivated a large quantity with the view of supplying his neighbors, and diffusing it throughout the state ... Owing to its oleaginous character, Col. White found it impossible to preserve it by drying; but by pouring strong vinegar on it after boiling, he has made a sauce or pepper decoction of it, which possesses in a most concentrated form all the qualities of the vegetable. A single drop of the sauce will flavor a whole plate of soup or other food. The use of a decoction like this, particularly in preparing the food for laboring persons, would be found exceedingly beneficial in a relaxing climate like this. Col. White has not had a single case of cholera among his large gang of negroes since the disease appeared in the south. He attributes this to the free use of this valuable agent: Daily Delta (26 Ianuarii 1850) apud Accessible Archives et Roger M. Grace, "Reminiscing: Was Col. Maunsel White the True Originator of Tabasco Sauce?" in Metropolitan News-Enterprise (15 Iulii 2004) p. 15
  2. Evans (2012). Eodem Edmundo decoctionem suam dedisse fertur, sed fonte incertissimo: Grandfather [White] had the seeds planted and was successful in raising a crop of peppers. Out of them he made a delicious, pungent sauce. He made it solely for his own use, but gave it freely to his friends. He also gave the recipe to his friend McIlhenny (Heloise Kennedy Bullitt, "Recollections of My Childhood" per Hal Burgiss fide Roger M. Grace, "A Few More Words About Tabasco Sauce" in Metropolitan News-Enterprise (12 Novembris 2004) p. 15
  3. This invention relates to a new process of preparing an aromatic and strong sauce from the pepper known in the market as Tabasco pepper: McIlhenny (1870) apud Evans (2012)

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Capsicum frutescens var. Tabasco, materies principalis liquaminis Tabasco
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