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Suppositum murinum cum mure instanti.

Suppositum murīnum[1] est fundamentum muribus computatralibus adhibitum meliore adhibitione, sicut accuratio labansque.?

Historia[recensere | fontem recensere]

Dum exhibitio anno 1968 a Duglassio Engelbart publico primum agens in mure computatrali,[2] Duglassius consolam gubernationis adhibebat a Iacobo Kelley societatis Herman Miller formatam, quae continebat claviaturam et inset portion ut area adiumenti pro mure adhibiti.[2][3] Iuxta Iacobum,[4] et etiam ab Alexandro Pang dictum,[5] Iacobus primum suppositum murinum formatum unus annus deinde, 1969.

Singula suppositi murini ab Armando M. Fernandez formata edenda curata sunt in commentariis Xerox Disclosure Journal anno 1979 cum descriptione Anglica:[6]

To assist the operation of a cathode ray tube pointer 10 wherein a metal ball is rolled on a hard surface, the disclosed pad may be utilized. A resilient, rubber-like material 12 is bonded or otherwise attached to a hard base material 14 which keeps the rubber-like material flat. The base has four rubber-like pads 16 on the opposite side from the resilient material to refrain the pad from sliding on the surface of a table, for instance.
Xerox Disclosure Journal, Volume 4, Number 6, November/December 1979

Apud anno 1982, plurimi usores a Xerox ball mouse "peculiares tabulas" adhibebant ad frictionem pilae deminuendam.[7]

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