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m (Automaton: mutans Categoria:Homines Franciae; mutationes minores)
* [http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/13024a.htm De Alexandro de Rhodes] in [[Catholica Encyclopaedia]] {{Ling|Anglice}}
* {{BBKL|r/rhodes_d_a}}
* [http://www.bautz.de/bbkl/r/rhodes_d_a.shtml De Alexandro de Rhodes] in in [[Lexicon Biographicum ac Bibliographicum Ecclesiae|Lexicon Bibliographico et Biographico Ecclesiae]] {{Ling|Germanice}}
* [http://purl.pt/961 Dictionarium annamiticum seu tunquinense lusitanum et latinum"]
* [http://www.jesuitica.be/catalogue/catalogueAuthor.php?id=828 Index operum]
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