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Starting next week, I won't have much time to dedicate to ''Vicipaedia'', though I plan to keep coming here often just to see how things are developing and add a contribution or other every now and then. Meantime, I have added my opinion to the [[Disputatio:Liber pictus|disputatio Libri Picti]]. [[Usor:D Ambulans|D Ambulans]] 14:18, 5 Martii 2006 (UTC)
It was not me, it was [[Usor:Adamas]], who argued that not many people will look for comoedia, when seraching for ''comic''. However, I agree. I wonder what the others will think about "comicum". - Seems your vacation has endend ... ;-) --[[Usor:Roland2|Roland2]] 14:28, 5 Martii 2006 (UTC)
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