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removed image ... it was the wrong Henry ...
(I removed Categoria:Imperatores Romani Sacri because this is a play by Shakespeare about an English King not a Holy Roman Emperor)
(removed image ... it was the wrong Henry ...)
<!---[[Imago:Nomenn.jpg |thumb|200px|'''Nomen''' ab Nomino pictus, a um]] --->
[[Imago:Herrschaftsübergabe von Heirich IV. an Heinrich V.jpg|thumb|200px|[[Henricus IV]] et [[Henricus V]]]]
'''Henricus V''' (Anglice '''Henry V''') drama historicum [[Gulielmus Shakespeare|Gulielmi Shakespeare]] scriptum ca. 1598-1599 editumque 1600 (Q1 - Quarto malus), 1602 (Q2 - Quarto malus), 1609 (Q3 - Quarto malus datum 1608), et 1623 (F1) est.
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