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de calculo differentiali et chromatographia
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(de calculo differentiali et chromatographia)
In [[physica]] quidem celeritas correspondit [[distantia]]e instantaniae quam corpus quoddam transcurrit in [[tempus|tempore]]. Denotata ab <math>v</math>, celeritas rei igitur datur a formula
:<math>v = \frac {dx}{dt}</math>.
ubi dx est distantia [[calculus differentialis|differentialis]] traversa et ''dt'' est tempus differentiale huius motionis.
==De mensuris vulgo in usu ==
*[[Celeritas luminis]]
*[[Celeritas soni]]
*[[Systema Internationale]]
<!--In many situations, objects do not move at a constant speed. For example, if a car goes 60 miles in 2 hours, its average speed during that time is 30 miles per hour, but its instantaneous speed may have varied. For an object which is [[Acceleration|accelerating or decelerating]], the instantaneous speed is given by
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