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[[Fasciculus:Worcester from Fort Royal Hill.jpg|thumb|Despectus in Vigorniam]]
Nomen Anglosaxonicum huius urbis ''on Weogorna ceastre'' legitur (Latine eiusdem aevi "Wigorna civitas") e nomine populi Anglorum qui regionem circumiacentem ''Weogorena leage'' tenebant vel tenuerant.<ref>"Worcester" in {{Ekwall}}; ''Anglo-Saxon Charters'' [http://www.aschart.kcl.ac.uk/charters/s0180.html S 180].. "''Weogorena-leage'' ... has not survived on modern maps, though ut can be inferred that it described a cleared area of the ''Wiogorna'', the Celtic tribal name from which the place-name Worcester also derives": [[#Tinti (2017)]]</ref>
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* Francesca Tinti, ''Sustaining Belief: The Church of Worcester from c.870 to c.1100''. Londinii: Routledge, 2017 {{Google Books|Nq1BDgAAQBAJ|Fragmenta}}
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